“Public Information and Need of Knowledge” NGO, within the frames of its functioning, and in order to achieve its mission and strategic objectives, provides following services and conducts these activities:

Trainings and workshops

  • Trainings on sexually transmitted infections
  • Trainings on human rights
  • Trainings on sexuality
  • Trainings for civil society development
  • Trainings on leadership and communication
  • Trainings on Integrated Security
  • Trainings on how to prevent hate speech and hate crimes


  • Counseling about sexual health and sexually transmitted infections
  • Legal counseling
  • Psychological counseling
  • Social Work counseling

Prevention of sexually transmitted infections

  • Distribution of free of charge condoms, lubricants and information materials for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections
  • Organization of free of charge and anonymous testing on STIs
  • Outreach work for engaging new people in sexual health activities

Public and social events

  • Public events on sexual health
  • Public and social events on human rights
  • Public and social events to reduce LGBT-phobia
  • Public and social events on women’s rights
  • Public and social events to prevent hate speech and hate crime
  • Public and social events to prevent bullying, LGBT bullying
  • Cultural events

Capacity building

  • Preparation of educational materials about sexually transmitted infections
  • Preparation of educational materials on sexuality issues
  • Researches on LGBTI issues
  • Movie screenings
  • Promotion of volunteering in human rights protection activities and active citizenship


  • Advocacy of issues regarding sexually transmitted infections
  • Advocacy of LGBTI issues
  • Human rights advocacy of people living with HIV and most at risk population toward HIV
  • Advocacy of pain reduction issues
  • “Prevention of Domestic Violence” law advocacy
  • Anti-discrimination law advocacy
  • Preparation of annual periodic reports to international organizations
  • Preparation of alternative shadow reports to present to state bodies
  • Strategic litigation
  • Preparation of letters, applications and all needed documents
  • Advocacy in protection of interests in governmental and non-governmental institutions
  • Trial monitoring