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“Pink” human rights defender non-governmental organization was founded in 2007. The organization is known to its beneficiaries and the public as Pink Armenia. Pink is a community-based LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) organization, which means the organization has been established by LGBT community, serves and supports the needs of the community, and promotes the LGBT persons’ human rights protection process and advocates for the change of public policy around LGBT issues.

Starting from its first day, Pink has initiated and implemented various activities and programs that have raised public awareness on sexual and reproductive health and rights, sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, their prevention, as well as actions that promote safe sexual relations and behavior. Subsequently, the activities of the organization and the provision of services expanded, including the issues of human rights and their protection in the organization’s agenda.

In the field of human rights protection, the organization provides a full range of services to LGBT community representatives whose rights have been violated on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression. Moreover, the organization represents the needs and interests of LGBT people, as well as advocates for solutions and legal protection of these issues at local, state and international levels.

In the field of human rights protection, the organization encourages and promotes equality, the ideas of accepting vulnerable groups, minimizes discrimination on any ground by establishing cultural sensitivity and respect for diversity.

In 15 years the organization succeeded in being known for its transparent, open and dedicated work. Pink has become an internationally recognized and trusted organization from a small local organization. The organization has established a solid partnership with local and international organizations working in the fields of sexual health, human rights protection, fight against discrimination, and gender issues.

Pink Armenia offices; the community center and the administrative office, are located in Yerevan, but the organization provides services to any individual in need of assistance and support, considering space and time are available.

Pink Armenia, its staff, and members is an active social group and are involved in different civic, political and cultural initiatives and movements in Armenia that address various issues that ensure the democratic growth in Armenia.

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