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Coming out of our new logo

Dear supporters, followers, beneficiaries and allies, we are starting rebranding of our organization, and you are going to see some changes and developments in our work. We will start it with the new logo that was donated and gently designed for us by Francois Swanepoel. It is hard for us to say goodbye to our previous logo which was shining on different materials and holding a huge history of a decade but it is time to leave the red ribbon and black watercolor of the past, and continue new era with more colors and brightness.

We will continue our work to empower LGBT community in Armenia, to protect human rights and advocate for changes, and raise awareness among general population on sexuality, human rights and more. And, as always, we will update our stakeholders about new projects, achievements and progress.

Stay with us and welcome our new logo on October 11, Coming Out Day!

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