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IDAHOBIT week starts

IDAHOBIT week starts today. It is a series of events and campaigns celebrating the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. During the week, Pink organizes various events to promote the human rights protection of LGBT people in Armenia.

The International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia is celebrated on May 17. Nevertheless, as Pink’s events have expanded over the years and become more diverse, Pink has started celebrating IDAHOBIT for a week instead of a day since 2017.

The first IDAHOBIT was held in 2005. May 17 was chosen as the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, as the World Health Organization (WHO) removed homosexuality from the International Classification of Diseases on May 17, 1990. IDAHOBIT aims to raise awareness of sexual and gender-diverse identities and unite people in the movement against homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia.

This year, as part of IDAHOBIT week, we have planned an online campaign. The campaign will feature LGBT-related videos and an updated and revised version of Pink’s Sexuality booklet. The booklet provides information on the fundamental components of human sexuality and is a tool for understanding what sexuality is and why it is essential to be aware of it.

On May 17, Pink will launch its “The human rights situation of LGBT people in Armenia during 2022” annual report, which summarizes organization’s documented cases of the human rights violations accompanied by discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

In addition, we have planned to carry out a community event in the format of a panel discussion. LGBT+ activists will participate in the discussion and talk about their activist experience, sharing their ideas and visions. During the session, we will also discuss the future of the LGBT+ movement in Armenia and the possibilities of developing the movement.

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