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We planned the organization’s activities for this year

At the beginning of each year, “Pink” Human Rights Defender NGO organizes retreat which is annual planning of the organization. It aims to make Pink’s activities more effective and to outline the strategic goals of the organization.

Retreat 2020 was conducted on January 9-12. The meeting started with an overview of the completed activities of 2019. We discussed the achievements and the questions that are needed to focus this year.

During four-day planning, we outlined the actions to be undertaken by the organization in 2020 to strengthen the LGBT community, to protect human rights and to form public opinion, in line with the strategic objectives. Here we also started the new 2021-2024 strategic plan development.

The staff working directly with the LGBT community presented the results of the community needs assessment and on the basis of this assessment we planned further actions for the LGBT community empowerment.

During the meeting, we discussed our regional activities, further priorities, and the importance of self-organization and empowerment programs for the regions.

Once again, we have reinforced the importance of human rights-oriented and human-centered activities in the organization to achieve the goal of establishing an equal and safe environment for everybody.