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The MP suggested to isolate LGBTI people has interviewed Gevorg Petrosyan, an MP from “Tsarukyan” faction, lawyer, who lectures are YSU, Faculty of Law. In the National Assembly, he is a member of Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs and Protection of Human Rights and in 2009 he has been the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs.

During the interview, he told, that there is no discrimination in differentiated approaches that are justified on fair grounds. The differentiation, based on sexual orientation and gender identity cannot be interpreted as discrimination because the issue is connected with the upbringing of the future generation.

Another MP from the same faction, Vardan Bostanjyan, a member of Standing Committee on Economic Affairs, during his interview (link in Armenian) to said: “There are natural human rights, and “restored” (translation: artificially created) rights. With the same logic now I can tell that the murderer is not guilty, as he has thoughts of killing someone in his mind and I must insist that their rights to kill someone shouldn’t be violated. The sick man is sick. You are a virus, you know? Imagine that the virus is scattered around us, we tell you to alienate this virus so that I wouldn’t get sick and you say the virus is offended and you have violated the rights of the virus. Do you understand what you say?”

He suggested to isolate LGBTI people and added that they should not have the same rights as other people.