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In Armenia in various aspects of society and at different stages of life, many people face discrimination, challenges, and injustices based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. Consequently, it is sometimes difficult for some of them to be able to access opportunities, be part of support and social programs provided by the state, and access justice. For some, it is also difficult to find a job or to study, and sometimes to live a life free from violence.
Pink human rights defender NGO’s activities are based on the needs of LGBT people and on the goals set by the organization to provide several services to beneficiaries. These services include psychological, social, and legal support, and are provided to those who need it.
Pink also implements various cultural and entertainment events aimed at developing the potential of the community.

At Pink Armenia, legal services are provided to victims of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity (hereinafter referred to as SOGI) and/or expression of characteristics, hate speech and crimes committed on these bases.

Our legal services provide the following:

  • Legal counseling,
  • Preparation of documents,
  • Representation in court, police, including defense in criminal cases,
  • Representation in public and private structures, etc.
  • Criminal legal relations, in particular:
      • In case of discrimination on the basis of SOGI,
      • In cases of physical, psychological, economic, sexual violence on the basis of SOGI,
      • In cases of hate speech and calls for violence on the basis of SOGI,
      • In cases of discrimination during conscription, military service or other cases on the basis of  SOGI.
  • In case of domestic violence,
  • Administrative legal relations, in particular:
      • Issues of discriminatory provisions within state and local self-government bodies;
  • Civil legal relations,
  • Healthcare legal relations, in particular:
      • In case of discrimination while receiving medical care on the basis of SOGI,
      • In case of non-provision or improper provision of medical care on the basis of SOGI,
      • In case of violation of personal details protection, including medical confidentiality and private life,
      • In case of failure to provide medical care on the basis of HIV status or other cases.
  • Labor legal relations, in particular:
      • Discrimination in the workplace on the basis of SOGI,
      • In case of labor rights violation on the basis of SOGI or other cases.

Legal representation is provided only in cases of discrimination-based violations.

The services of a social worker at Pink Armenia are offered to LGBT people, parents of LGBT people, and family members to promote their social wellbeing. The social worker contributes to overcoming the problems in everyday relationships, and to the development of the individual’s potential and abilities and social change. The social worker responds to crises, emergencies, as well as everyday personal and social problems.

The social worker’s responsibilities include:

  • Counseling,
  • Professional support or intervention, if needed;
  • Referral to other professionals (e.g. lawyer, psychologist) and/or other institutions as needed.
  • Family relationships, in particular:
      • In case of domestic violence and domestic conflicts on the basis of SOGI,
  • Interpersonal relationships, in particular:
      • In the social environment, in case of problems in communication with other people or governmental and non-governmental bodies,
      • As a result of the current situation in the labor market, providing support for career development or employability,
      • Development of social and life skills, such as household, financial management, etc.
  • Intrapersonal relationships, in particular:
      • In case of intrapersonal conflicts,
      • In case of self-acceptance difficulties, internal stigma,
  • Counseling on sexual health and sexually transmitted infections (STIs),
  • Cases of violence and discrimination on the basis of SOGI.

At Pink Armenia, peer counseling is provided by the community officer. It is the transfer of experience, knowledge, skills in a certain field to the beneficiaries of the organization through consultation. The goal of peer counseling is to raise the legal awareness, education, and empowerment of the members of the LGBT community through events, discussions, and counseling through group and individual settings. It establishes connection between the community and Pink Armenia.

The functions of the community officer include:

  • Counseling, transfer of experience,
  • Support for self-development and solving existing problems,
  • Referral to other professionals (e.g. lawyer, psychologist) or other institutions as needed.
  • In cases of violence on the basis of SOGI, in particular:
      • Cases of bullying, hate speech, physical violence,
      • Providing support to overcome the consequences of violence.
  • Healthy sexual relationships and sexual health issues, in particular:
      • Sexual health and healthy relationships,
      • Consulting on the functions and activities of state institutions and non-governmental organizations dealing with sexual health issues,
  • Stress and time management issues,
  • In cases of interpersonal and family conflicts, in particular:
      • Problems of domestic violence based on SOGI,
      • Improving interpersonal relations and conflict resolution,
      • Providing a safe environment in case of violence,
      • Outing,
  • Skills development issues,
  • Employment and job search and career advancement issues, in particular:
      • Assistance in writing a CV and cover letter,
      • Regulation of interpersonal relations in the workplace.

The main purpose of psychological counseling is to provide operative psychological support to the visitor. It aims to provide all the necessary conditions for the mental and psychological well-being of the visitor, which will enable the visitor to be able to discover and realize new opportunities throughout their journey to solve the psychological issues. At Pink Armenia, psychological counseling is provided to LGBT people, their parents and allies.

Depending on the visitor’s case and request, the objective of the psychological counseling can be the following:

  • Assisting the visitor in understanding the real cause behind their problem,
  • Supporting changes in the visitor’s behavior,
  • Developing problem-solving skills,
  • Achieving emotional balance,
  • Getting rid of various complexes and striving to manage one’s personal reactions,
  • Achieving harmony within the visitor’s self and their surroundings,
  • Develop the ability to create and maintain interpersonal relationships,
  • Gaining self-confidence and positive emotions.

The psychologists of Pink Armenia work with both individuals and couples. They provide counselings in Armenia, as well as in English, Russian and Farsi.

  • Self-acceptance:
      • Acknowledgment and acceptance of sexual orientation and/or gender identity,
      • Low self-esteem և self-confidence,
      • Concerns with internal stigma,
  • Coming Out:
      • For Coming Out instances,
      • For Outing instances,
      • Dealing with psychological problems caused by lack of safety and security,
  • Based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity (SOGI):
      • As a result of discrimination,
      • In cases of psychological, sexual, physical and economic violence,
      • In cases of hate speech, calls for violence,
      • Dealing with psychological problems caused by lack of safety and security,
  • Domestic violence,
  • Fears, traumas, losses:
      • Different types of fears and phobias,
      • Injuries experienced at different ages and problems (including post-stress condition),
      • Problems with surviving loss,
  • Interpersonal relationships:
      • Conflict situations (including dealing with interpersonal conflicts),
      • Relationship problems with parents and relatives,
      • Relationship problems with their partner,
      • Communication problems (development of communication skills),
  • Existential issues and problems:
      • Loss of meaning in life,
      • Working with topics related to death and loss,
      • Feelings of Loneliness,
  • Achieving harmony and personal growth.
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