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The Pink Human Rights Defender NGO is looking for a qualified and professional artist curator (Mentor).


Within the framework of the project funded by the Copenhagen Architecture Festival, the Pink Human Rights Defender NGO is looking for a qualified and professional artist curator (mentor), whose role will involve mentoring LGBT+ youth over a two-month fellowship, aiding them in crafting short films centered around the captivating themes of their artistic expressions. This initiative aims to provide them with a platform for self-expression and the freedom to convey their unique perspectives.

The project aims to disseminate awareness regarding the intricate relationship between art and issues within urbanized communities, encompassing social, political, and environmental phenomena. Concurrently, the initiative fosters dialogue on discrimination, gender bias, homophobia, transphobia, and the environmental consequences stemming from urbanization, all through the medium of art within society.

The call for submissions is open from 1st of November, 2023 to 20th of November, 2023.

The specific objective of the mentorship

  • Create mentorship methodology and implementation plan for a two-month period and approve it with the project team.
  • Offer unwavering support and guidance to a cohort of approximately 5 LGBT+ youth throughout their video projects.
  • Organize and facilitate seminars and workshops on video production, covering essential areas such as script development, filming techniques, editing, and video storytelling.
  • If required, provide technical assistance for filming, editing, and any other tasks related to video production, ensuring the participants have the necessary resources and expertise.
  • Foster an inclusive and secure environment for all fellowship participants, championing the values of diversity, equity, free expression, and empowerment.
  • Provide insightful feedback and constructive criticism to participants on their video projects, aiding in their skill development and storytelling acumen.
  • Compile a comprehensive progress report throughout the two-month mentorship and provide documentation and a final report showcasing the successful culmination of the video production undertaken by the participants.

The mentor candidate should fulfill the following criteria

  • Be a professional consultancy center with a track record of at least three years of consultancy experience on physical and digital security, security, and welfare,
  • Ability to demonstrate their expertise in risk assessment and capacity-building techniques on combined security,
  • Propose a consistent, intelligible, and transparent methodology for the requested assignment,
  • Experience and proven expertise in physical and digital security, welfare,
  • Offer an advantageous combination of cost, quality, and sustainability to meet Pink’s requirements,
  • A system for the management and quality assurance of the contract,
  • Complete CVs of the proposed staffing for key personnel and qualitative field staff,
  • Knowledge of and interest in improving the situation of LGBT people in Armenia.

The individual consultancy experts should fulfill the following criteria.

  • A minimum of 5 years of curatorial experience in art-related projects, indicating a strong understanding of the creative process.
  • Proficiency in video equipment and software, ensuring the ability to navigate technical aspects of video production.
  • Capacity to devise an effective mentoring methodology and implementation plan tailored to the program’s unique needs.
  • Competency in generating comprehensive reports to document progress and outcomes.
  • Exceptional communication and mentoring skills enable connecting with and inspiring young individuals.
  • Demonstrated experience in working with diverse youth, particularly in the context of art-related projects, indicating an understanding of their needs and creative aspirations.
  • An empathetic and non-discriminatory approach, coupled with a heightened sensitivity to the distinct experiences of LGBT+ youth.
  • Proficiency in creating an inclusive, welcoming, and safe environment that upholds diversity, equity, and non-discrimination principles.
  • An advantage would be having close ties to the arts industry and community, indicating an ability to provide additional resources and opportunities for the participants.

The selection of the candidate will be made as per the following criteria:

  • Coherence of the proposed work plan with the requested assignment,
  • Qualification of the candidate under the scope of the assignment,
  • Best value for money (financial offer).

Evaluation criteria

Please ensure that the offer package is submitted to [email protected] by November 20, 2023.

  1. Work plan,
  2. Price offer,
  3. The curriculum vitae certifying the qualifications of the person involved.


  • By participating in this tender, the candidates explicitly recognize that they will operate under the supervision of Pink;
  • The contract with the successful bidder will be governed by the laws of Armenia and by the rules and regulations indicated in the agreement between CAFx and Pink, which will be evidenced in the contract;
  • Should no proposal submitted meet the requested standard, Pink reserves the right not to assign the consultancy through this tender.
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