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Pink Human Rights Defender NGO is inviting programmers or programming companies to propose and create a database system tailored to the organization’s specific needs.

A TOR proposal can be submitted by companies or individuals related to the programming or digital sector.

The call is open from October 1, 2023, to December 15, 2023.

Technical Support Requirements

  • Create Develop a secure database system to protect streaming data, internal data record and case information.
  • The database should allow employees to enter information on human rights violations, as well as the number of counseling and referrals provided.
  • The database must have a secure and confidential encryption system for storing information about beneficiaries and visitors.
  • Finalize secure database development, ensuring compliance with security standards.

The  project’s duration is six months, ensuring the database is secure, user-friendly, and meets all specified requirements.

Criteria for evaluation

Interested participants are invited to submit their entries to Pink Armenia via email at [email protected] by December 15, 2023, which should include:

  • The work plan,
  • Proposed budget,
  • The qualification and CVs of the person/s involved,
  • The portfolio of previous works.

The submission prerequisites for non-resident organizations operating in Armenia include providing documentation to validate their legal authority in compliance with Armenian legislation. Additionally, the financial proposal must encompass all pertinent expenses and fees, accounting for VAT. Once the contract is signed, no additional payments beyond those explicitly stipulated within the agreement will be entertained. This concise summary outlines the two primary requirements: legal authorization under Armenian law and the adherence to a fixed financial framework post-contract signing, ensuring clarity and adherence to the specified terms.

The selection will be made according to the following criteria.

  • Coherence of the proposed work plan with the requested assignment,
  • Qualification of the team under the scope of the assignment,
  • Best value for money (financial offer).
  • Other requirements.

 Participation in this tender entails candidates’ explicit acknowledgment that they will function under the oversight of Pink Armenia. The contract awarded to the successful bidder will be bound by the laws of Armenia and its corresponding regulations. In the event that no proposal submitted aligns with the specified standards, Pink Armenia retains the right to refrain from assigning any bidder through this tender process. These stipulations establish the terms of operation, legal governance, and the reservation of the organization’s right in the event of a failure to meet the required standards.

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