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Society, where human rights of all are protected and everybody is accepted regardless sexual orientation and gender identity and/or gender expression.


Create safe space for LGBT people by promoting legal, psychological, social protection and well-being.

Human rights violations of LGBT people can be witnessed in any sphere of social life. Degrading treatment, psychological and physical violence, denial of service provision and communication is the attitude they receive in their everyday life. With this mission we are aiming to achieve full protection of LGBT people in our society by creating safe space for the community, empowering the capabilities of LGBT individuals and community. It is also crucial to integrate LGBT community into society by means of lobbying the interests of the community, providing social, psychological, legal, and medical and other services and developing partnerships with governmental and non-governmental institutions both at national and international levels.


  • Understanding and acceptance of diversity, equality, humanism and the priority of social justices and universal values;
  • Respect and recognition for fundamental human rights with particular emphasis on equality and freedom from discrimination,
  • Promoting active citizenship, human rights and democratic values among LGBT community and the Armenian society in general;
  • Solidarity with other discriminated groups of people, civil society actions and movements who are aiming to reach full democracy in the country.
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