What do people live for or what is the meaning of life? People always ask that question to themselves. I think being happy is one of those answers. For some, being happy is to have children and to live with […]

Allies talk: Isabella Sargsyan, human rights defender

I would like to be introduced in the following way – Hovhannes, just a happy person. One of the conditions of my happiness is that I am not homophobic. Recently, I have developed an approach for myself. That is the […]

Allies talk: Hovhannes Madoyan, doctor, lawyer

I love my profession, and one of the reasons is because I often get to listen to stories, which are directly experienced and told by individuals themselves, and not from neighbors, husbands, wives or someone else. There was an offer […]

Allies talk: Siranush Davtyan, psychologist

When I had clients in my job as an interior designer, they were all very honest, respectful and kind, so I thought of gay people as lovely, very kind and pleasant. That was until I wanted to engage myself in […]

Allies talk: Sosy Kevonian, sociologist

Years ago, I was watching a video where some LGBT people were marching. And a group of guys hindered that march. They were dancing and singing national dances and songs. I was so happy with the fact and I was […]

Allies talk: Qnarik Tadevosyan

Society is a living organism for me, and each one of us is a cell of that organism. Being a doctor, I emphasize the health of each cell of that organism, the well-being of each cell. If every cell in […]

Allies talk: Vahe Asryan, doctor-sexologist

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